Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plant and garden pics from this year

Lilacs blooming in front of the house in May

Pyrethrum or Painted Daisies in bloom, May
(species possibly Chrysanthemum coccineum also called
Tanacetum coccineum)

Unfortunately blurred closeup of a flower whose name escapes me at the moment,
taken in May.

Edge of a swamp area near where I live.

Emerging catkins (long clumps of tiny flowers) and leaves on a
white oak (Quercus alba), taken in May

Clusters of small white flowers on a
black cherry (Prunus serotina), taken in May.

Peonies in bloom, taken in June

Sunset from the back yard, taken in June


troutbirder said...

Glad I ran across your blog. You definitely have a knack for photography.
Troutbirder - another history guy who takes time to smell the roses.:)

RPS77 said...

Thank you! I'm not the greatest photographer around, but sometimes I get some good pictures.

catmint said...

Great photos - is that mauve flower a kind of chrysantheum? cheers, catmint

RPS77 said...

catmint - looking at it again, I think it's something in the Centaurea genus - the thistles. The flowers look thistle-like, and although I'm sure that plant didn't have spines, some of the species in that genus don't have them. Thank you for the comment - I wish I was in the same season as you at this time of year!