Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random comments

The good news: The temperature outside around 70 Fahrenheit and relatively dry.
The bad news: The air conditioning in my office with non-opening windows is busted, leaving current office temperature at about 82 degrees and humid, probably to rise over the course of the day.

The good news: I'm getting in about 3 miles of walking every day to and from the train station to work.
The bad news: I've fallen back into the habit of pigging out on junk food in the evenings, which more than nullifies any benefits from the extra walking as far as weight loss goes. I'm sure that the walking is still good for my health, though.)

On an unrelated note, I am tired of wiping up after folks who can't hit the toilet accurately in the men's room. People would be well-advised to remember the following little jingle from my childhood:

If you sprinkle when you tinkle
Please be neat, and wipe the seat

(I apologize if this was a case of TMI.)


Daricia said...

maybe you should put a sign up in there with that jingle on it. good for you walking every day! those temperatures sound perfect for it. we have a heat index temp of 105-110 today. ugh.

Clio Bluestocking said...

You see, walking raises your metabolism, so that you are burning more calories at rest than if you didn't walk. Therefore, the extra burn of walking plus the heightened metabolism should counteract the junk food.

Women do the same thing, too. It's gross. Also, with ladies, how?

Anonymous said...

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