Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I think that I exercised too much this past weekend between the gym and long walks and outdoor work. My principal evidence for this is a couple of half-developed blisters on my feet and, more importantly, the fact that some muscles in my arms and abdomen are quite sore. My arms especially are bothering me, since I can't fully straighten either elbow without a fair amount of pain, which leads to me walking around with my arms noticeably bent at the elbows. This makes me look a little weird, or at least even more weird than I usually look.


Mimi said...

On the upside... walking around with your arms slightly bent at said elbows generally gives one the appearance of being buff! Seeing as how I don't know you, however, it may look a bit funny if you were 6'5" and weighed 165lbs. Then you would be a noodle pretending to be buff and all is out the window.

RPS77 said...

"Buff" is definitely not an accurate description of me now. My problem is not being too scrawny, but rather being too thick in the wrong places, though I'm not in as bad a shape as I used to be!