Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumn storms, odds and ends

Two weekends ago, we had a freak autumn snowstorm that dropped a little more than a foot of snow on trees that still had the majority of their leaves. As a result, some people lost power for a week, and trees and tree limbs went down everywhere. (I was lucky, losing power for a mere three days, but darn was it cold at night in my house!) A maple tree in my yard had a large, horizontal limb partly break off and fall onto a privet hedge. Part of it was sticking out into the street, and I had to grab my pruning saw and go out while it was snowing to cut that part of it off so that it wouldn't block cars. The part that wasn't sticking out into the street is still where it fell, still partly attached to the tree. The tree-pruning companies are so booked up that I couldn't get an appointment for someone to come and remove it until the 22nd of this month, still a little more than a week away. Here's the branch:
Here's another view:
Here's the tree just a little more than a week before the storm - you can see the branch that broke off in the lower right:
In other news, my father will be buying a new house this week. I will be helping him gradually pack and move stuff out of the old house where he has lived for almost 30 years, and where I grew up, and into his smaller new house. We will be able to do this gradually because he plans to sell the old house to neighbors who are interested in it, and they won't be ready to move in until around March.

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catmint said...

Hi RP, sorry I dropped out for a while. I love your latest post, it must have been so cold without heating. You're lucky the branch didn't fall on a house. It must be quite emotional saying goodbye to the house you grew up in, but I suppose it makes it easier if you know the people who are buying. I wish you all the best for 2012. Best wishes, catmint (Sue)