Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden update

This morning, early April called early May and asked for its weather back.  In other words, it has been unseasonably cool so far this May.  I'm not complaining - I actually like cool weather (not cold) better than warm or hot weather - but the coolness means that the plants have been growing and leafing out in slow motion compared to what they would be doing in more normal weather.  Again, I shouldn't complain - it means I can do my weeding at a slower pace and I didn't have to mow the grass for the first time until today - but I'm still looking forward to everything becoming fully green for the year.

I haven't posted in a while, largely because my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been hitting me really hard and often leaving me feeling exhausted and uninterested in communicating with the outside world during my free time.  Still, I figured I should post a few pictures.  These were taken about a week ago, so some of the bulbs have lost their flowers, while the other plants have grown some (but not as much as you would expect given the time of year).

My main garden area.  I've inherited a sort of woodland/shade garden, with 
hostas, blackberries, geraniums, barberries, lily of the valley, ferns, a few bulbs,
violets, and various other wildflowers scattered around underneath a large spruce
and a couple of small cherry trees, plus a lilac and a small fir.

Not much is blooming yet, but fortunately there are a few bulbs.  
Here is a tulip and two hyacinths.

Here is a closeup of the tulip.

Here are the two hyacinths, with what I think are geraniums and violets coming up around them.

There are a few daffodils as well.  I especially like the white one in the middle photo - 
it's different from most daffodils that I've seen.  Unfortunately, the daffodil flowers
pretty much shriveled up over the past week.

Most of the plants currently in my garden aren't noted for showy flowers, so it looks like I will have to add new plants of my own if I want more color.  On the other hand, maybe there will be some surprises coming up - there are still some plants that I haven't identified.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello RP and yes, I think Blogger hit comments while it was being sorted out .. random snacking? LOL
You have some pretty plants there and if you are already smelling the lilacs you are ahead of us with that .. I have a bicoloured French Lilac and my neighbor has mostly what would be wild lilacs I think .. I do love the smell of them ! I just became a little obsessed with Japanese maples especially for the back garden .. I want to look out the deck doors and see lots of interesting scenery. We are in full rain mode now for the next few days so greenery is leaping forward for sure. I hope the OCD calms down for you .. I understand how you feel about not feeling "social" we are lone creatures and need the peace and quiet to deal with it.
Feel better soon !
Joy : )

RPS77 said...

Our "rain mode" just started today, and is supposed to continue on and off for several days. I did weeding yesterday (including poison ivy) and just bought some new gardening tools today to help me prune and remove some of the existing plants. Now I have to start thinking about what to add - a Japanese maple is definitely on the list of possibilities!

catmint said...

Dear RPS, I love the way you started the post, about early April calling early May - so poetic. I know what you mean about cool meaning less garden franticity needed. We have had the wettest year ever since I started the garden and things grow so fast I regularly have my work cut out just to liberate the paths. Anyway, I'm so pleased you managed to reach out via the blog despite your OCD. cheers, catmint