Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yard and garden update

With everything that is going on in the world, the condition of my yard is almost infinitely insignificant.  Still, it's significant to me, so I figured it would be an appropriate thing to write about.

A week ago, I thought that it might be a month before all of the snow melted.  Even a couple of days ago, I thought it might be a couple of weeks.  This weekend, though, I realized that at the rate the snow is disappearing, most of it might be gone in a few days.  Most of the snow already is gone, in fact - there was just so much that some of it is still left.  A combination of temperatures reaching at least 40 Fahrenheit (about 5 Celsius) each day, plus lots of rain, have really pushed the melting along.

A couple of pics of the largest garden area in the side yard

Little stream running down the side of the driveway - it's been running continuously 
for a week.

This side of the house still has a decent amount of snow.

The most pleasant surprise to me, though, is that as soon as the snow melted, underneath it there were already plants sprouting!  The most common plant that I see apparently ready to grow is this one.  I'm not sure what type it is, or whether it is a weed or a "cultivated" plant (sorry for the non-centered photo - Blogger is acting up and won't let me shift my photos to the center for some reason):

 I may have my work cut out for me if this is a weed - they're all over the place.

There are, however, other plants sprouting that I am pretty sure I will want in the garden.  This looks like an iris of some kind, pushing up past a bunch of twigs from the Norway spruce that were blown down over the last few months:

Here's a fern of some kind emerging green from underneath the snow:

Why are some plants emerging from the snow green and looking almost ready to start growing?  Maybe the snow actually acted as an insulator, keeping the ground warmer than usual.  In that case, I hope it doesn't get cold enough to damage the plants that are out of the snow now.  The ones that are already green are probably pretty tough.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

I wish I knew what plant that is to ID it for you but I haven't seen it before .. if it is a weed the structure should be easy to pull .. a tap root that shouldn't be as bad as dandy lions ? .. it really puzzles me ! I hope some one can ID it for you .. ferns are wonderful for springing to life .. I have a log fern that amazes me .. plus a load of different Japanese ferns .. ostrich ferns are almost weeds for me .. a Christmas fern .. a Lady-in-Red fern which is a beauty .. I had a Japanese Beech fern that I shouldn't have put out front .. too dry along with a gorgeous Maiden Hair fern that I lost .. I was such an idiot at the time ..
They are like treasures coming to life aren't they ? especially in a new house .. it is really interesting to see what is actually there !

RPS77 said...

Ferns are great. The garden at my Dad's house that I used to take care of has a "painted" fern (dark red and green foliage), several ostrich ferns, plus a couple of others. You're right about the ostrich ferns - they spread almost like weeds with the underground runners.