Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday plant and photos from a walk

A few pictures that I took yesterday:
 An indoor tropical plant (I don't know the name), decked out in appropriate
holiday season colors.

 An old beech tree that I saw along a walk, with a little plaque.  This type gets
purple leaves in the summer, and is very nice.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to 
be planted very much these days, possibly because grass won't grow underneath them.

 Random forest scene.

Random roadside scene.

Two pictures at Dad's house, where I spent most of my childhood 
(and some of my adulthood).  The first is a view from the driveway,
the second is a view of the house itself later in the afternoon, just before sunset.


Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi, beautiful pictures.. the forest is very nice..
Wish you a very happy new year :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Happy New Year RP before I forget ?!
I love that Beech tree .. it has loads of character .. I wish I had more room here I would plant one (perhaps the tri-coloured type).. I don't mind not having grass grow beneath it .. husband knows my mission is to get rid of as much grass as possible anyways ? haha
The last picture, of your father's house, is beautiful with the afternoon light .. I miss being able to capture late afternoon light .. it can be magical the way it warms the surroundings ..
I haven't been in a blogging mood I guess i have to pinch myself and blog one more time before this year is up ? ;-)

RPS77 said...

Thank you and Happy New Year to you both!

Joy - I've read that one other reason that beeches aren't as popular now as they used to be is that they grow fairly slowly, and people tend to want faster-growing trees.