Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Re: my posts

Sorry that I haven't been posting much besides garden and plant stuff lately. I haven't been feeling at my best mentally, I've felt tired a lot, and gardening and plants are the only things that have both made me both want to write and that I feel like I can write (semi-) coherently about. Every time I want to write something about history, my life, or some other issue, I start worrying if my post really is worthwhile or makes any sense or is pointless or will unnecessarily offend someone, or whether it accurately represents what I am really thinking, etc., etc. Frankly, I didn't start blogging to add another pointless obsessive self-imposed emotional burden to my life, so I avoid posting except for the few subjects that are free of this emotional baggage. (Given my talent for creating pointless self-imposed emotional burdens, I shouldn't be so surprised that this has happened.)

The same issue applies to a certain degree commenting on other peoples' blogs.

Hopefully this will pass.


Digger said...

Is your blog... post whatever you want! I like the garden histories, myself. I've not been a good ember of the commentariat lately, myself. But mostly lurking! Hang in there.

catmint said...

Hi RPS, I don't want to get dependent on blogging, so occasionally I don't do it for a month or two. And nothing happens, I discovered I can take up where I left off. For me the garden is the central theme for me to use to think about everything - life, death, history, philosophy. cheers, catmint.