Monday, May 10, 2010

Wild turkey

As I was eating breakfast this morning, I saw a wild turkey in the backyard right outside the window, less than 10 feet away. By the time I got my camera, it was further away but I managed to get a couple of good photos:

I'm pretty sure this was a female - the males are considerably larger and have more reddish skin on their head and neck. They can fly, but only do so when they really have to, preferring to walk around. They often travel in groups, but this one was solitary.

Twenty years ago, wild turkeys were very rare in this part of Massachusetts, having been hunted or driven out by the 19th century. The first one in my town in more than 100 years was spotted 18 or 20 years ago. Now they are common enough that it's no surprise to see them, but this was still an unusually good opportunity to get a picture from pretty close up in good light - and from indoors, where my movement and noise wouldn't drive the bird away quickly.


Digger said...

Very cool! And I totally agree, it looks like a female to me.

The best thing I've had in my yard was a groundhog wearing a collar. Seriously.

RPS77 said...

With a collar? I didn't realize that people kept groundhogs as pets!