Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it snow

View out my bedroom window this morning

Since the start of work was delayed until after noon today due to snow, I just wrote about 6 paragraphs about how I grew up loving snow, but later came to think of it as a pain in the butt, but still appreciate how beautiful it can be. Then, when I was attempting to move the location of the picture, I somehow accidentally deleted everything that I had written - why doesn't blogger have a simple "Undo" icon?! I am not going to write all of it again, so I will sum up briefly -

- I loved snow as a child and missed it during a period where I lived in Louisiana.

- As I got older, snow became more of a burden and a lot less fun

- Unfortunately, it's not socially acceptable for a 34-year old man without kids to build snowforts or snowmen or throw snowballs around, so the stuff that I most enjoyed with snow as a kid is ruled out.

- Here in Massachusetts, snow often comes along with its siblings, sleet and freezing rain, which make life even more difficult than snow but with none of the side benefits.

- If only there were a way to keep the beauty of snow without all of the inconvenient part.

- Snow can be beautiful, but for my money it's not as beautiful as a good spring day.

A good spring day, by my reckoning


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Snow should stay on the mountains where it belongs. City snow (and especially the grey icy slush that follows) is no fun past the first hour or two of prettiness.

We're forecast 10-20cm over the weekend.

RPS77 said...

True - I've lived in suburbs and small towns my whole life, where most snow stays white for longer, but cities get the grey icy sludge relieved only by the occasional spot of bright yellow, which somehow doesn't seem very festive. Around here, it also tends to turn to solid ice most nights as the temperature drops well below freezing, so roads and sidewalks are nice and icy for the next morning. The road crews combat this by dumping enough sand and salt on the roads to form a decent sized desert.